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5 Reasons to book your holiday in Méribel in April

Updated: Jun 3

In Méribel, the magic of winter persists until early April. While many resorts close their doors, here, snow-capped peaks and slopes still invite adventure. Skiing in April in Méribel remains an unforgettable experience, where fresh snow and mild temperatures blend to offer moments of pure delight. From the mountaintops to the heart of Méribel, the charm of the town in April is revealed in all its facets.

Skiing in April in Méribel is still possible

In Méribel, the ski resort opens in early December and closes in the second half of April. This period in Méribel offers a unique combination of fresh snow and milder temperatures. Snow-covered peaks and well-maintained slopes provide ideal skiing conditions for all levels, from beginners to experts. Skiers and snowboarders can still enjoy fresh snow and well-groomed slopes at higher altitudes, ensuring a memorable skiing experience until the end of the season. Enjoy sunny days on the slopes and cozy evenings in beautiful chalets like Chalet Menor.

Numerous events organized in April

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Méribel continues to host events until the end of the season. April is the perfect time to discover the local culture and participate in unique events. The resort often hosts outdoor music festivals, fun ski competitions, and gastronomic events showcasing the region's delights. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere while exploring the charms of the resort.


  • The Soundclash festival is a DJ contest open to everyone, taking place in the heart of the resort. This activity is ideal for both adults and families.

  • The 'poule party' is a perfect egg hunt activity for outdoor and friendly fun.

  • The 'Défi de l'Olympe' is designed for athletes. This trail takes place on a 3.5-kilometer ascent in a warm atmosphere.

  • The 'Closing Party de la Folie Douce' is a great way to celebrate the end of the season. Music, dining, and everyone is invited to dress up for the occasion.

Make the most of Méribel away from tourist crowds

With the end of the winter season, April generally sees fewer tourists than previous months. This means less crowded slopes, shorter queues at ski lifts, and a more peaceful atmosphere in the resorts. You can fully enjoy the natural beauty of Méribel without the usual crowds.

Discover Méribel's spring activities

Apart from skiing, Méribel offers a multitude of spring activities for all tastes. From mountain hiking to discovering local flora and fauna, to mountain biking on scenic trails, there is always something to do in April in Méribel. The longer days and milder climate also allow you to fully enjoy outdoor activities.

An April stay dedicated to well-being and relaxation

April is the perfect time to relax and rejuvenate in Méribel. After a day of outdoor activities, treat yourself to a revitalizing spa session or relax in a traditional sauna. Many establishments also offer outdoor yoga classes, allowing visitors to connect with nature while improving their well-being.


Looking to enjoy a stay in Méribel in April? Chalet Menor is an unforgettable destination for your stay. We offer reservations during the 4 weeks before the chalet's closure until December. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our offer and all the services we provide.


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